How TRX helped me | Blog by Lisa Schwartzer, Fitness Instructor September 6, 2012

What does TRX mean to me?  One word, Strength.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in December, I did not feel very strong. I felt very scared and weak. After going through two surgeries and being cleared for exercise, I began to use TRX three times a week as my main form of strength training.  The in-between days were my cardio.

I successfully did TRX three times per week through 30 radiation treatments.  My doctors said that I would be tired, knocked out and would probably need to rest more than normal.  I didn’t notice any of this, I kept up with my exercise and continued on with my activities: personal training, administrative duties and, most importantly, mommy duty.

After finishing radiation, the doctors told me that I would have to take medicine to keep the cancer at bay.  The catch?  It causes weight gain.  Well, I thought, haven’t I been through enough?  Now weight gain on top of everything!?  The lovely doctor said “you will only gain about 10-15 pounds”.  10 to 15 POUNDS!  That is a clothing size!

I began to research the drug and no matter what, everyone said weight gain resulted.  Upon receiving the prescription, the side effects said that a very small percentage of people can lose weight.  Small percentage…but it gave me hope!

I scheduled a fitness evaluation to establish a baseline for me so that I could carefully keep an eye on my weight.  At the time of the evaluation I weighed 145 pounds with 28-29 percent body fat.  I took the drug for the first time the day of the evaluation.

During this time, I revamped my eating as well.  I already was a very healthy eater, but what I did eat was processed food.  I decided to get rid of the chemicals and stopped eating things with ingredients that I could not pronounce.

Now almost 4 months into taking the drug, I am 135 pounds with 25-26 percent body fat.  I have lost a total of about 15 pounds since being diagnosed and dropped my body fat by 3-4 percent!  I feel strong and can actually see some muscle definition!  I haven’t weighed in the 130s since high school.

At my last doctors appointment, she said that she has never had a patient lose weight on Tamoxifen.  Well, now she has!

I feel strong!


Lisa Schwartzer is a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Central Bucks Family YMCA. For more information on TRX Training, connect with Marsha Hughes, 215-348-8131, x1155.

MISSION: Central Bucks Family YMCA is a charitable non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of community life. The Y strengthens the spirit, mind and body of its members. We build character by promoting the values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility.

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Shannon avatar September 6th, 2012


I just read your blog and it was very inspiring. You are the type of person that I love learning about. Someone who, in the midst of a crisis, decides that you aren’t going to crawl in a whole and have a pity party. Someone that says ok this is what I’m facing – what can I do to turn this around. Your story is nothing short of amazing and I wish you all the luck in your fight

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